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How to get started

To help you get started on CrunchYard, we have included example simulation files for you to look at and test the system with. Some applications like DCIP (DC Inversion) requires a special folder structure, so check your chosen application's example file for included files and structure if your simulation keeps failing.

Example Simulation Files Suggested cores to use Help file
Computational Chemistry
ADF ADF 1 Node (8 cores) Please click here to read more.
CP2K CP2K 1 Node (8 cores)
LAMMPS LAMMPS 1 Node (8 cores) Please click here to read more.
NWCHEM NWCHEM 1 Node (8 cores)


What are the rules for naming the simulation before upload?

Keep to the following naming standards as much as possible.

  • Dont have any spaces in the file name
  • Dont have any . (dot) in the file name apart from the . (dot) between the name and extention
  • Keep to only using numbers and letters in the filename, avoid any special characters
  • If a package manager is used for compiling the simulation, for example FEKO, dont give the package and the model the same name

How do I access the progress or result file?

When a simulation file is uploaded it is listed in the progress area on the right hand side. As soon as processing begins the filename becomes clickable and you can view the progress file. When it’s done the same link will take you to the results file.

I cannot click on the file name to view my results or progress?

There could be two scenarios where the filename is not clickable.
*The first scenario is when a simulation gets uploaded. The simulation lands up in a queue for processing. While it is in the queue no progress file is available. Once processing starts a progress file gets created and therefore the filename becomes clickable allowing you to view its progress.
*Second scenario is when the simulation was completed and you have deleted your results. We do not keep backups of results files, so if it’s deleted there is no way for us to give you a copy.

My simulation just hangs, what is happening?
Try using fewer resources, especially fewer cores. Throwing a large amount of resources at a problem might cause communications overheads which could stall a simulation.

My simulation ended too quickly?

Check the log file that is available in the output file. It will give you more information regarding any error messages generated during the simulation.

Why is my simulation file being renamed?

In order to prevent people from overwriting an existing file with the same name, we add a random number to the filename.

I made a mistake in my simulation file. How do I stop the process?

At any time during the processing of the file can you cancel the process. To do that, just click on the red button next to the filename and it will stop the process.

Does CrunchYard keep a backup of simulated data?

CrunchYard does not keep a backup of simulated data or problems submitted. The only information retained is the .log file and .pro file. Once a file has been deleted from you profile you will not be able to retrieve it.

CrunchYard offers an engineering simulation service over the Internet on a pay per use basis. The service allows scientists and engineers to submit simulations via a web page that then run on a cluster.
How it works
1. Upload your model
2. Check your progress
3. Download your results