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Credits pricing

Standard Credits
Standard Credits are valid for one year
Great for ad hoc simulations at irregular intervals

Standard credits

Standard credits can be used for any application. Credits deductions are calculated based on per core, per hour and type of applicaton used.

Amount Price Total
100 credits .25c $25
2500 credits .20c $500
5000 credits .15c $750

In order to buy credits or load a voucher, please log in.

How the standard credits work

On payment credits used are calculated in the following way : Per hour x CPU x per variable rate.

The variable rate depends on the application. All applications except for ADF is a variable rate of 1. ADF is a variable rate of 2.

When referring to a CPU we are talking about individal cores on a processor. So a quad core processor would have 4 cores. Hyperthreading is disabled.

An example of how the credits are calculated is listed below.

Appliction CPU Hours Variable Rate Total credits deducted
ADF 12 x 2 x 2 = 48
All others 12 x 2 x 1 = 24

If you would like to buy other amounts of credits than listed here, or would like a quote, please contact us for rates and quotes at

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